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COVID-19 Update

View our latest service updates and response to the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic, including measures now in place by Prestige Minibus and its shuttle bus drivers across Sydney to help protect passengers and bus drivers that travel onboard any of our minibuses, shuttle buses and coach bus charters.

Latest Updates

August 2020 | Prestige Minibus Update

NSW Covid-19 Safety Plan in Place and Registered as a CovidSafe Business with NSW Government.


June 2020 | Prestige Minibus Update

The safety and well-being of our people and community, including our valued customers that book and ride in any of our minibus and shuttle bus vehicles, will always be our highest priority. Our commitment remains the same and we are monitoring news and official websites to ensure we maintain all measures and compliances, as set out by the Australian government. We are taking every step necessary to ensure everyone is safe onboard a Prestige Minibus journey.


In these increasingly uncertain times, more challenges will be faced and I wanted to personally let you know about the measures and precautions, including policies and procedures we have implemented across our Sydney minibus hire business to ensure your health and safety when you interact with any of our bus drivers and travel in our fleet of minibus and shuttle bus vehicles.


We all play a vital role in ensuring the health and safety of each other during this challenging time. A balanced approach without panic and fear has allowed us to make sensible decisions and take real actions that will allow us all to feel comfortable and safe operating our minibus services. Our bus cleaning schedules, new policies and methods used to clean and sanitise our minibuses and coach buses has been altered to as per guidance received by health authorities and government officials.


Our minibuses and bus fleet have always and continue to adopt strict hygiene policies and procedures, now with the addition of before and after use sanitisation and cleansing. We’ve now increased our practices and regularly sanitize all minibus surfaces, bus door handles, disabled minibus access rails, equipment, pay machines, seats -the works.

For our shuttle bus passengers, you’ll find hand sanitizer available in our minibuses and our minibus drivers regularly wash their hands and sanitize during their shift. You will also notice our shuttle bus drivers now wear masks, this is to help protect you and them from any outbreaks.




Our senior management team is meeting daily to monitor developments and keep our business, operations, staff and customers at the forefront of our decisions on keeping everyone supported and in a safe environment.

As you can appreciate, we all play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of anyone travelling in a minibus. Our head office team is regularly in contact with our drivers and there are new strict guidelines and measures enforced.




During these uncertain times, we kindly and honorably ask you to continue to support your local small business operators, whom in turn supports your local community and employment. We’ve extended some great deals and offers to ensure you get more value for your money when booking a shuttle bus or minibus transfer with Prestige Minibus.




Tom H.
Father, family-man and local business owner.

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